There is a time when you send an invoice and to think your clients will receive it but unfortunately it doesn’t. And there is a time your invoice sent to the clients but they claim “No invoice coming to us”. The scenario will keep happen when the number of clients increase and you need one solution to help you manage all your income and expenses without a pain, and here we are, providing you with one of our iERP product line Accounting on cloud.


With our Accounting on cloud, your business is under the sky. When we say under the sky, means you can manage your business everywhere and anytime. Using cloud technology and secure data transaction, you can fully utilize the product without the need to install. With simple registration step, in a minute, you can use our product and the rest, let us take care of it.

Our modules covers:

  1. Dashboard
    1. Where you can find all income and expenses summary in graphic view
    2. Provide you with aging summary report
    3. Track the payment status by clients or products/services
  2. Invoice
    1. Create invoice, save as draft or even send it to your customers email
    2. We also provide function to track your invoices so you can see whether the invoice already send and even to see if your client already open/read your invoice or not
  3. People
    1. Manage your customer information.
  4. Product + Service
    1. Contains information about your selling products or services
    2. You can group your product by category or you can combine multiple items to create one complete set products.
  5. Report
    1. Contains all report you need for your business